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Preparing to Move? 7 Questions to Ask in order to Ensure a Hassle-free Relocation

While relocating to South Africa can be a wonderful prospect since it is the 5th most beautiful country in the world, the actual process can trigger a lot of questions. The whole process can be overwhelming if you don’t make the right move, literally! So how do you go about making the relocation to South Africa a smooth and enjoyable experience? By hiring one of the best international moving companies in South Africa, right? Once you interview the companies, you will have an idea of whom to hire, and what all you need to ask them.

Try these 7 questions with the international moving companies in South Africa

The relocation companies in South Africa will provide complete assistance in your relocation process, right from the immigration process, to finding a good job there and settling you in your neighbourhood. Of course, naturally your mind will be bursting with these questions, so read on.

Is getting a visa to South Africa easy?

Getting a visa might be a bit tricky but if you want to get a first glimpse of the country before relocating, you can get a visitor’s visa. Or you can get a temporary residence permit (there are twelve kinds of temporary residence visas) to stay there for a while and work. Your relocation counsellors would be able to guide you more on this, so get in touch with them. Other visas you can apply for are Business Permit, General Work Permit, Critical Skills Work Permit, Intra-Company Transfer Permit etc.

Is finding a job in South Africa easy?

The country has a high unemployment rate, so you need to have a specific skill set needed at the time to get a job. You can source for jobs at all the major job networking sites or get the help of your contacts in the country.

Which are the expat hotspots? Is it possible to get a home there?

The relocation companies in South Africa can help you get a home in the major expat hotspots like Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria/Johannesburg metro area, Durban and in areas in and around these places.

Would the relocation agents help find a good home for me?

Yes, the relocation agents can shop around depending on your budget and requirements and find you a home in whichever city you wish to settle in.

What is the cost of living in South Africa?

South Africa is a much cheaper place to live when compared to other Western countries. You can afford to have domestic help, either full-time or part-time, because the salaries offered are also higher. Dining out and alcohol are also cheaper, where you can enjoy a meal for two for an average $40 and have a pint of beer for an average $2.50 in a mid-range hotel.

How do I get medical insurance in South Africa?

Since South Africa does not have universal healthcare, the fees are based on a three-tier system. This is based on the expats income and residence status. Most expats opt for private health insurance because the wait time is much shorter than other options offered in the public sector.

Is it easy to open a bank account in South Africa?

Expats find it really easy to open a bank account in South Africa. They can open two types of bank accounts: resident bank account and non-resistant bank account. Experts at the international moving companies in South Africa can help you with the necessary documents and declarations.

There probably might be more questions you need answers for before relocating to South Africa, like how your belongings will be sent, schools for your children, the flight charges etc. Get them all answered and achieve your dream of a perfect relocation.


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