We will take care of your Relocation
Comprehensive Relocation Services

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A trusted name among the relocation companies in South Africa

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We will take care of your relocation
Comprehensive Relocation Services

A trusted name among the relocation companies in South Africa

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We will take care of your relocation
Comprehensive Relocation Services

A trusted name among the relocation companies in South Africa

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About Our Company

Relocation Companies in South Africa

We at HelpXpat believe that every move is unique and that every client has different needs.

We take great satisfaction in attention to detail, and we firmly feel that it is our team, the individuals who work at HelpXpat and our hard work which distinguishes us as one of the top relocation companies in South Africa. No matter how big or little a client’s move is, from the time they contact HelpXpat, we work to provide an unmatched customer experience. We work dedicatedly to provide top-notch relocation service, starting with our office personnel who are committed to taking your call all the way up to our highly skilled international packing teams. Our major services include Orientation, Home Search, School Search, Settling In, International Relocation, Local Moving Services, Visa & Immigration Services, Certificate Legalisation and Attestation, Police Clearance Certificate, New Company Set Up, Cross Cultural Training, Departure Services and Pet Relocation.

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Why Choose Us?

Best International Moving Companies South Africa

We are specialists in different kinds of moving. We work alongside the clients and provide efficient and first class solutions of moving. Being one amongst the finest long distance moving companies South Africa, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Well connected with strong networks around the world we have successfully carried out uncountable moving. With footprints all across the globe we aim to grow ourselves each day and adopt new strategies to make moving more innovative and efficient. Our service are all inclusive and they cover all work related to moving activities. We can proudly say that we have the best team onboard with us. Along with personnel who are efficient in packing and organising we also have excellent legal experts who will ensure that your documents are proper and you will not face any issue while moving. All our employees are experienced as well as knowledgeable in their area of work. Only after conducting proper need analysis and identifying the requirement of the clients will we move forward with our service. We ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.

Our Services

Local Moving Service

To make your moving pleasant and comfortable, HelpXpat one of the most
sought after relocation companies in South Africa is here to assist you. As one of the most excellent long distance moving companies South Africa, we will help you in moving by utilizing appropriate strategies and practices. Our team members are specialists in taking care of each phase of moving. We handle both residential as well as commercial moving. Having huge experience across various sorts of moving (apartments, villas, small and large office spaces and so on) we know precisely what is expected to make the moving impeccable. Equipped with all the resources connected with moving, we guarantee you that you're moving will be a smooth process with us. We have an astounding team and a proficient working framework.

Our residential moving assistance will deal with moving your things from your place to your new residence. Our movers load your things with absolute attention to detail and will move it to your place through a flawless process. Our service likewise incorporates unloading and sorting out your products according to your prerequisite.

We offer unequaled commercial moving service. Being the top relocation companies in South Africa, we plan and execute the moving with most extreme accuracy and care. Our commercial moving is comprehensive. With minimum downtime we will help you to move to another location. Each and every item at your space will be carefully sorted and packed by us. We ensure that your goods including IT equipments will reach your place intact without any damage.

International Relocation

Our client driven international movement strives to meet each one of the necessities with respect to international moving. Moving to another nation brings new difficulties. As the best long distance moving companies South Africa,
we will assist you with meeting these difficulties in the most effective manner. Our specialists won't just assist you with your possessions but additionally will help you with different documentations. You can rely upon us totally and being one of the exceptional international moving companies South Africa, we vow to never dishearten you.

Home Search Service

HelpXpat offers dependable and effective home search services. To whichever place you are moving, our house search service offers a genuinely flexible and economical moving option. We offer our service to all sizes of residences.
A good neighbourhood where you are comfortable is necessary when you search for a home. Keeping this in mind we will go through different neighbourhood and will find the most appropriate one for you. Once you have selected the property we will assist with the lease agreements, deposits procedures and so on.

Orientation Service

Orientation is an opportunity for you to get acquainted with the new place. Moving to another area can be overwhelming and challenging. As of the most preferred relocation companies in South Africa we will provide excellent orientation
service to make your move stress free. Our orientation tour helps in getting acquainted with the lifestyle, culture, work environment, local living conditions and visiting suitable residential neighbourhoods. Our experts will always be available to respond to your queries and to provide information as per your requirement.

Settling-In Service

When moving to a new place, there is always a time of adjustment during which you must psychologically prepare and become accustomed to your surroundings. We offer settling-in services to help you and your family get
through this phase and make sure your assignment is successful. During the time that is referred to as the settling-in period, settling-in services offer assistance. An assignment's first six months are crucial in determining its success. As part of an assignment relocation package, settling-in services are given to the movers to assist them in overcoming the typical difficulties and annoyances associated with moving to an unfamiliar area. Our settling-in services are flexible and intended to assist with issues that could cause annoyance or even anxiety. When you arrive, we stay in touch with you to see how things are going and to offer assistance as needed.

School Search Service

A child's academic development is integrated into the whole of their upbringing. The way a school is structured and taught, the programmes and activities it offers, as well as its location, can have an important impact on your
child's educational experiences. You need look any further for international moving companies South Africa offering school search service. HelpXpat one of the leading long distance moving companies South Africa will take care of it. Our services will help you to find the right option for your child. Based on your criteria we will shortlist the best schools and after taking a tour of the schools and its facilities you can decide the most ideal school for your child. Our team will also assist with the admission procedures.

Pet Relocation Service

We have years of pet relocation experience and hence we guarantee excellent pet relocation service. We have a fantastic pet relocation framework to ensure that the pets travel safely and securely. Pet relocation procedures can change
from one area to another and being the finest long distance moving companies South Africa we ensure that each part of pet relocation will be carefully planned and executed by us.

Visa & Immigration Service

For people and businesses wishing to relocate, HelpXpat provides the most efficient immigration service. We always monitor the visa & immigration rules and procedures. Our team involved in this keep themselves constantly
updated so that you the process is completely swiftly. Our service covers everything required for documentation, application and follow up. We ensure a smooth processing experience. Being one amongst the top international moving companies South Africa, HelpXpat assure you of our best attention at all times, regardless of the type of visa you may need or assistance in other areas of immigration. We strive to make your moving as successful as possible.

New company set up

HelpXpat consists of specialists, who will help in setting up new company. We offer assistance with finding office space, registration, licenses, permits and all other work related to company setup. Our experts are devoted, skilled, and efficient
people who work vigorously to ensure that the requirements of the clients are met. We will guide you through the laws which govern the formation of a company and will help you to make sure that your company adheres to the rules and regulations.

Departure Service

When your task or work is finished, you would need to move back to your nation of origin or to another area. Our custom departure service is comprehensive and incorporates everything expected for the smooth movement.
Your moving process will be dealt by us adeptly. We will take care of things such as security deposit, utility deregistration, car deals, furniture deals, bank related work, etc.

Cross-cultural Training

Cross-cultural training is created in light of the requirement of every client. Through the cross-cultural training the trainers endeavor to give customized training which would make the clients certain about their new location
and will assist them with adapting to the abrupt changes. Through the training they can gradually adjust to the new area and face their challenges. Our training sessions are taken by specialists and they are intended for both the client as well for their dependants. Beneficial to both your professional as well as personal life cross-cultural training is a necessity when you move to a new destination. Businesses and establishments can benefit greatly from these types of training since it will make workers understand each other’s culture and will help them to work with more coordination.

Police Clearance Certificate

In the event that an applicant’s record is clear, a PCC is given to them as proof, which they can use for many purposes. It shows that the applicant has no history of any criminal activity and that the person is not a threat
to anyone. When you are travelling to another country as per the law of the country you are required to submit a translated PCC document. In order to get a PCC you have to submit different documents. There are also different steps involved in it. HelpXpat will assist in getting your PCC through proper methods.

Certificate Legalisation and Attestation

Get your different certificates attested swiftly by availing our service. Certificate Legalisation and Attestation is required for various purposes. An attested document proves that the
documents are not fake and forged. Certificate Legalisation and Attestation is a long process and involves verification at different levels of Government authorities. HelpXpat will help with the process. You only have to submit your details we will take care of the rest of the activities. With adequate experience in the field we know exactly what is required to make the process smooth and fast.

Let's Build Great Things Together

For any urgent orientation / home search / school search and immigration services please reach out to:

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