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The Expenses for Relocating an African Family Abroad

Are you planning to relocate to another country from South Africa? If so, you need to read this.

Many South African families and businesses are eager to search for relocation options abroad in light of the impending budget speech, which is anticipated to depict a somber image with regard to Eskom, unemployment, and increasing revenue collections.

Also, according to the internet portal Moovguide, their stress increases as they research the prices and eligibility requirements for immigration. But fret not. With the right international moving companies in South Africa, you can easily relocate to any country you want within your budget.

South Africa’s current state of affairs

Eskom, unemployment, and higher revenue collections were predicted to be major concerns in this year’s budget statement, which has many South African families and businesses eager to relocate abroad. Furthermore, as people research the fees and eligibility requirements for immigration, their worry increases.

What are the true costs for an African family to live abroad?

Moving to another country can cost a family of four up to R300,000, and managing every one of the formalities involved is a challenging process, but for many, the payoff is very well worth the cost.

The first stage is for a person or family to evaluate their possibilities of getting visas, and we can connect you with the right experts. If everything goes well, the relocation companies in South Africa will deliver the price of your actual relocation and you will be given a cost estimate for the administration.

A foreign relocation entails a lot of expenses, including the cost of visas, the cost of moving household goods and pets, and the cost of international money transfers.

Who are moving abroad and to which country?

Currently, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK are the four most sought-after locations. The United States and Dubai adhere to this to a lesser extent.

Those who have the resources and networks can relocate abroad easily, but for middle-class people, relocation is a more difficult and expensive process. Families may also experience significant monetary and mental burdens because of this. Hence, it is our goal to offer a service that makes moving abroad less stressful.

As a result of the pull of greater possibilities and a number of other causes, the so-called “brain drain,” which involves many people and families departing for these locations with valuable degrees and abilities, is also a recent topic of press coverage.

A breakdown of the relocating expenses abroad

The following are a few examples of predicted expenses that agencies offered in their initial assessment:

Only visas while leaving your possessions at home

The cost of a family of four’s visa, which covers different government fees, charges associated with language and medical testing, and visa agency fees, varies depending on where you live:

• R220,000 for Australia;
• R190,000 New Zealand;
• R180,000 the UK; and
• R80,000 for Canada.

Relocating a family of four, their belongings, and a pet.

Costs, such as visas, increase dramatically when considering the belongings of a three-bedroom house and a cat.

• R300,000 for Australia;
• R280,000 for New Zealand;
• R270,000 for the UK; and
• R200,000 for Canada.

It is crucial to remember that, despite the importance of visa and other relocation expenses, clients should place a clear emphasis on learning about their destination country’s culture and determining whether they will be able to successfully assimilate into their new society.

Many people see this as the start of a wonderful new experience, but it does require some forward planning, so don’t wait until the last minute. Being prepared is helpful, so please get in touch with us, and we’ll help you relocate your home internationally.

How can we help?

Help Xpat is one of the top relocation companies in South Africa. If you are moving to another country from South Africa in search of a new career and life, we are glad to assist you. We will handle all the procedures required for you and your family to move to a new country safely and without any hassles.

Right from arranging the visas to moving all the belongings, we will take care of everything. Our plans are personalized as per your preference and our prices are budget-friendly. If you are looking for long-distance moving companies in South Africa, call us today at 00971528102947 – International Call center Number or at 00971525026611 – Toll-free Number inside South Africa.


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