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Exceptional Moving Service Custom Made For You

Make your relocation hassle free with one of the best international moving companies in Russia

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Exceptional Moving Service Custom Made For You

Make your relocation hassle free with one of the best international moving companies in Russia

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Exceptional Moving Service Custom Made For You

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Make your relocation hassle free with one of the best international moving companies in Russia


Relocation Companies in Russia

At HelpXpat, we guarantee expertise and experience you would expect from specialists

HelpXpat offers services like orientation, home search, school search, settling in service, international relocation, local moving, visa & immigration services, certificate legalisation and attestation, police clearance certificate, new company setup, cross-cultural training, departure services, and pet relocation. Our excellent service has turned us into the most sought after relocation companies in Russia. As one amongst the best moving companies Russia, with us you can count on a secure, easy, and stress-free move. Our services are personalised to meet the unique demands of each client. We treat each customer with same importance. You can expect comprehensive solutions for your moving requirements at the best possible rate from us.

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What Makes Us Different!

International Moving Companies in Russia

Around the world, HelpXpat relocates individuals, families, and businesses. We provide a range of services for local, long-distance, and worldwide moves. Our goal is to please our clients by making their relocation easy. We also guarantee the security of their things. We have a competitive advantage in this industry thanks to our extensive network of agents worldwide and our highly skilled and motivated team. Full service international moving that includes disassembling furniture, expert packing, international shipment, customs clearing, delivery to new home, unpacking, re-assembling, and setting up furniture are provided by us. We are licensed and authorised to handle all types of relocation service. As As one of the reliable and dependable moving companies Russia, we are experts in carrying out all types of moving. We strive for 100 % customer satisfaction and for meeting it we work along with the clients and conduct need analysis to come up with the most appropriate moving solution for them.

We begin the process of moving only after proper communication with our clients. Detailed survey of the place is done so that we get an idea of your place and the goods at your place. According to the types of goods we carry out our packing and shipping. Our team consists of skilled employees who have years of experience in extending efficient moving. We have a team of legal experts who will look into the legal matters of moving. You need not worry about anything related to moving we have got your back. Our successful track record in diverse kinds of moving and our loyal clients are our foundation. We have strong network and connections worldwide. We promise to deliver what we preach. We are transparent in our rates and do not charge any surprise charges. The complicated process of moving is made simplified through us. Over the years we have mastered the craft of moving and have established ourselves as the number one relocation companies in Russia.

What We Do

Local Moving Service

Local moving can be made stress free and hassle free by hiring HelpXpat service, the best relocation companies in Russia. We provide exceptional residential moving service as well as commercial moving.
Our process is based on well built strategies to ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied. We take care of your belongings with utmost care and make sure that they reach your place in perfect condition. Our moving service is cost effective. Every process involved in moving is looked into by us. Our moving service is extended to all types of residential buildings and commercial settings. We can also find a new space through our excellent home and business space search service.

International Relocation

We make global moves possible by offering high quality and efficient international relocation service. Recognized and appreciated as the leading international moving companies in Russia we
provide many services related to international relocation. Everything involved in moving including packing, organising, freight, customs clearance, insurance, delivery etc will be taken care of by us. We also have a bouquet of service relating to settling in at the new location. We have footprints across various nations and have managed uncountable number of moves. You also can trust us with your budget. Our service is both cost effective and of standard quality. You can trust us completely and we ensure that all your requirements regarding international relocation will be fulfilled through our integrated solutions.

School Search Service

While relocating to a new place, switching schools and adjusting to a new school will not be easy for kids. Hence it is important to find the school offering best education that will suit your child.
Typically you will public, private, and foreign schools available in most large cities. However, the educational system followed and costs can differ. We offer guidance on schools for students of all ages, including daycare and preschools. Our school search operations are based on the children's needs and not on a predetermined method. The child's present and future educational needs, as well as other crucial factors such as special needs or requirements are looked into by us.

Home Search Service

A smooth transfer to your new home is what we at HelpXpat, one amongst the most preferred relocation companies in Russia assist with. Our area of expertise is providing individualised moving-in help.
According to the criteria set by you we will preview the houses and come up with a list of houses which would suit you. We will assist with all the procedures regarding paperwork. Our personnel will also accompany you to give a tour of the various properties Our home search service is well designed process which begins by getting the checklist from the clients and ends with making sure that the clients are satisfied with their new home. Providing details of various facilities, appointments with property owners/real estate agents, negotiation of rents, deposits and other payments, lease agreements and many more will be handled by us efficiently.

Settling-In Assistance Service

To make the process of moving and settling uncomplicated and easy we provide efficient and systematic settling in assistance service. While relocating you may
have to leave behind your previous life which you are used to. We will help to adjust with the new location, culture and lifestyle so that you will not face any trouble or issue and can settle happily and comfortably. We will help with assistance in opening bank accounts, utilities connection and payment, facilities such as transportation and shopping, familiarization with the education, healthcare system and so on. Along with the already available service we are also ready to meet your individual requests relating to the settling service after assessments and discussions.

Immigration and Visa Support

HelpXpat provides comprehensive assistance with all types of immigration programmes and visas. The procedures, eligibility, rules and regulations,
paperwork related to different types of immigration programmes and visas are different. It is important to have adequate knowledge and experience in the industry for successfully getting a visa and for completing the immigration requisites. We can assure you to give first class immigration and visas service and support.

Cross-cultural Training

Cross-cultural training will make it possible for you to understand more about the place and people to where you are relocating. Cross-culture training is a necessity for you to adjust to the different
culture. Organisations with employees from multicultural background can make use of cross cultural training to ensure that their operations run efficiently. It helps the employees to cooperate with each other and reduces the culture gap. You can overcome various barriers such as language and lifestyle habits. At HelpXpat, one of the best relocation companies in Russia you can expect premium cross cultural training. Before starting the training we have conversations with our clients and recognize the individual requirements and according to it we plan and design informative and beneficial training. Our training is conducted by expert professionals of the industry.

Orientation Service

We offer orientation service to bridge the gap of unfamiliarity of a new place. Having no one to help you out at your new destination can be frustrating and a cause of anxiety. Getting to know
something which you are not used to is not easy. The best way to get moving forward quickly and swiftly is to connect with a reputed orientation service provider. HelpXpat the most distinguished among the international moving companies in Russia offers detailed orientation service. Our orientation service is extended to both our clients as well as their dependants. We will acquaint you with the culture, administration, food habits, rules and laws, leisure centers and so on. We design our service to make you embrace the changes and have a happy relocation.

Departure Service

Having proficient knowledge and experience in moving, we strive to offer excellent departure service. Once you employ us our team will take charge of everything to make your move out
trouble free. We will coordinate with you and will ensure that you have an effortless departure. You need not be bothered about things such as lease termination, arranging for professional cleaning of properties, final payments, getting back deposits, deregistration from schools etc.

Pet Relocation

Moving your pets is now easy through pet relocation service. Pet relocation requires specialised service since you never know how the pets will behave in different situations.
Also the procedures and paperwork to move the pets can be complex. Having expertise in the area of handling the pets we will relocate your pets to your desired relocation. Our service makes sure that the pets travel comfortably without any issue and will reach you safely on time. We also provide immunization of pets and also take care of making the pets ready to travel. According to the type of the pet we offer custom made cages in which they will stay comfortable.

Certificate legalisation and attestation

We offer services for certificate legalisation and attestation. Document attestation is a necessary step that must be taken while planning a trip to different countries.
It is a crucial step in the verification procedure that will confirm the veracity of your documents and of you personally. Certificate attestation can take a very long time. It is therefore best to get your documents authenticated by qualified professionals. Providers of legalisation services have experience in their field and are knowledgeable about every step of the process. It's also critical to understand the legitimacy of the attestation provider. A legal step that provides verification of the document's legitimacy is obtaining an attestation stamp from the embassy or consulate. A document's necessity for conducting business or obtaining a visa for the country is certified by the embassy. It is necessary because it will confirm your status as an acceptable person. One must have the relevant material examined at several levels of government in order to get the document authenticated.

Police clearance certificate

In order to immigrate to other nations, get a visa, adopt a child abroad, obtain a work permit, or apply for a job, among other things, you must have a PCC. An official document
known as a "Police Clearance Certificate" is given by the Russian Federation's Consulate General and contains information regarding the applicant's involvement in criminal activity. It is an official certificate which proves that the person has no criminal record in his or her name.

New company set up

We offer comprehensive assistance in setting up a new company. Guidance for each and every process and procedure will be given by us to ensure that you will not face any issue while
starting your new business. Without any apprehension you can trust us completely to give you the best of services.

Let's Build Great Things Together

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