The Perfect Company for Relocation Service.
Move to your desired location stress free.

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Move to your desired location stress free

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The Perfect Company for Relocation Service
Move to your desired location stress free

Top relocation companies in Kuwait

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The Perfect Company for Relocation Service
Move to your desired location stress free

Top relocation companies in Kuwait

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Who are we?

International Moving & Relocation Companies In Kuwait

At HelpXpat, you can get the best services for your moving and relocating needs

Whether you're relocating across town or throughout the world, HelpXpat one of the leading relocation companies in Kuwait is here to assist you. Local, interstate, and international movers make up our network. Additionally, we provide services for any kind of relocation, such as orientation, home search, school search, settling in, international relocation, local moving services, visa & immigration services, certificate legalisation and attestation, police clearance certificate, new company setup, cross-cultural training, departure services, and pet relocation. For many years, HelpXpat has been in the worldwide moving industry and are known as the best international moving companies in Kuwait.

We have helped in relocating families from one nation to another. Being the finest relocation companies in Kuwait we have also assisted in moving whole corporate entities to new locations.
Our expert team makes sure that everything is handled with the utmost care, whether it's a prized family treasure or equipment essential to your business in your new location. HelpXpat, international movers Kuwait ensures that all your requirements are met. Each relocation is expertly organised, beginning with a free survey and suggestions for the finest shipping alternatives and insurance coverage for your move. We work by setting up everything for your move. Aside from orientation, our service also include home and school searches, setting up residence, international relocation, local moving services, visa and immigration services, certificate legalisation and attestation, police clearance certificates, new business establishment, cross-cultural training, departure services, and pet relocation.

2307 Moscow, Kuwait

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Why Choose Us?

HelpXpat can discover answers for even the most difficult housing requirements because of our considerable experience and highly skilled team, which is why the expatriate and diplomatic community greatly values our personalised home search and settling-in services. As one of the most sought after international moving companies in Kuwait, our goal is to only present the transferee with homes that meet his or her unique needs and specifications. We are well-versed in the regional real estate industry. Above all, we are dedicated to expediting, simplifying, and facilitating your house hunt. One of the main worries for any employee moving with children is locating the appropriate educational possibilities. Every child is unique and wonderful. We choose the school that is best for each of them because we recognise and respect that distinction. Our education experts will always go above and beyond to see to it that all demands are satisfied, offering a tailored solution that benefits everyone.
For all your migration-related needs in Kuwait, including visit visa services, skilled immigration services, and work visas, HelpXpat is your one-stop destination. To meet the unique needs of each of our clients, our team of qualified immigration professionals works hard to provide a service that is transparent, individualised, and reasonably priced. In order to ensure that HelpXpat offers the greatest solution and counsel to intending immigrants within and outside of Kuwait, we have been able to assemble a team of industry experts and lawyers who work diligently.
Unlike other international moving companies in Kuwait, we provide workers, students, tourists, and professionals with high-quality immigration consulting services that are motivated by a specific goal. These services encompass student visas, permanent residence and other resettlement possibilities in the target nation.
In Kuwait, we offer our clients with company incorporation services under any of the business structures including W.L.L. / Shareholding, Branch, Partnership, and Joint Venture. We greatly simplify the processes by offering pertinent documentation services. By availing our company formation service you can save time and focus on growing your company. We assist with the attestation of many different types of papers. Through strategic and operational cooperation with our business partners, we are able to provide the best and most convenient service.


Local Moving Service

Our all inclusive moving service will help you to settle down anywhere easily.
As one of the leading international movers Kuwait, we will move everything from your house and business office to the new location efficiently. Having years of experience and expertise we are proficient in handling everything and will help you to settle quickly without any difficulty. Our moving process involves accessing the place and then coming up with a personalized plan which works best for each client. After consultation with the clients we carry out the work of moving adepttly.

We ensure a smooth residential relocation. Your household goods will be handled by us efficiently and moved by using advanced and modern technology. Specialised in moving service our pricing is competitive and reasonable.

Having adequate experience and knowledge in moving we are one of the most trusted relocation companies in Kuwait. Our efficient relocation service will help you to settle down quickly. In order to make sure that your business operations are not affected we will take appropriate measures while carrying out the moving. For instance the major work of moving will be done on weekly holidays.

International Relocation

Our international relocation service is carried out in a structured manner. We have the best logistics system to ensure that the international relocation of our clients is satisfactory and error free. We are not only engaged
in moving your goods but also assist in visa and immigration procedures, home and school search services, settling-in service etc. In short we will be with you through each stage of relocation until you settle down at your new place comfortably and happily. We can confidently say that we are one of the top rated international moving companies Kuwait.

Orientation Service

A thorough orientation service and tour of the location to which you and your family are moving are offered by us. Personalised service to meet your need and to remove any doubts and troubles in the new location are provided by our experts.
Moving to a new place is like beginning a new life. Leaving behind a culture and lifestyle which you are used to is difficult but the new life ahead can be made exiting through proper guidance. We aim to guide each person and family into the new life with ease and strive make them free from the anxiety of moving.

Home Search Service

When the place is unfamiliar then home search or property search can be a daunting task. This is where relocation companies in Kuwait come to your rescue. Our efficient home search service is designed to meet your budget and requirements.
With many options available we will shortlist the house according to the checklist given by you. The facilities and amenities will be evaluated by us before we take you to visit the properties. Our reliable team will work towards obtaining a profitable deal for you. We have a well connected network and using it we can find the property at your desired location taking minimum time.

School Search Service

As the first choice among the international moving companies in Kuwait, we will save your time and frustration in finding the perfect school for your children at your new location. We will research and will provide a tailor made list of
schools including the details of location, fees, curriculum, facilities and so on. The detailed profiles of the school meeting your criteria will be provided by us. Our experts will narrow down the schools and will guide you to take informed decisions. Once you have selected the schools we will also help you in the process of admission.

Settling-In Assistance Service

Adjusting to a new place takes time and having proper guidance will help you to get settled faster. HelpXpat international movers Kuwait, offers excellent settling-in assistance service.
We conduct need analysis and then come up with the different plans regarding the services which the clients require at the new location. Based on priority the services are executed by our proficient team. Our settling-in assistance service include providing information about healthcare system, giving details about banking services, connection of utilities, assistance in getting car registration and license and many more. We will also look into the paperwork involved in obtaining the various services.

Cross-cultural Training

Cross-culture training to make you accustomed to the new location and to develop awareness about the culture of the place is provided by us. The cross-cultural training program are taken by trainers who are experts and who have
adequate knowledge in the their field. We will help you and your dependants to adapt to the new surrounding and to gain an understanding about the new culture. Through our training sessions we aim to reduce the sudden cultural shock.

Visa & Immigration

Complete support required for successful visa processing and immigration process are extended by us. Our team is very well aware of the laws and the administrative procedures. We also make it a point to stay updated about
the latest changes in any regulations and policies. You can expect a comprehensive service regarding your visa and immigration. We will take care of all documentation, submission and follow up of applications. You only need to submit the documents to us we will do the rest for you.

Pet Relocation

Take your pets to any place you desire by availing our pet relocation service. You need not worry about anything regarding pet relocation. We will handle the pets carefully and will make sure that they reach you safely. Adequate steps
are taken to ensure that the pets are relocated comfortably without any stress or trouble. Our service is available within the country and beyond the boundaries. We work towards offering affordable and trustworthy solutions. Documentation, shipping restrictions, cargo, animal quarantine, license and so on will be taken care of by our reliable team.

Departure Service

Similar to moving to a new destination moving back to your home country or to a new location is a long process involving many formalities and work which have to be completed. We will simplify the process for you. Our departure
service include moving of goods, disconnection of various utilities, looking into the refund of security deposits, arranging for lease closure, managing paperwork and exit permits, selling of any goods such as furniture and cars, etc.

Police Clearance Certificate

Police clearance certificate also known as Good Conduct Certificate is issued by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, General Department of Criminal Evidence in Kuwait. The certificate proves that an individual has no
criminal records in his/her name. Various documents have to be furnished for getting the certificate. There are also various stages of application process involved in getting the certificate. We will help you to get the certificate quickly.

New company set up

The rules and regulations regarding the formation of a company vary from country to country. It is important to make sure that you abide by the rules when you set up a company in Kuwait. Having experience and expertise in the
setting up of a company, we will assist in each stage of the formation of the company. Guidance related to the procedures and the rules will be given by us. We guarantee reliable and affordable service.

Let's Build Great Things Together

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